Pickled Silk

This post is inspired by one of my favorite fiber artists, India Flint. Her unique approaches to dyeing with anything found in nature is very inspiring, and her fabrics are breathtaking. If you… Continue reading

Hickory Nuts Dye – Part 2

Dyeing with plant material is always such an adventure, especially when finding a new intriguing fruit or flower. I found these the other day on a walk in the woods and finally classified them… Continue reading

Hickory Nuts Dye – Part 1

We are getting close to that part of the year where berries and tree fruit are getting ripe (am watching my highly coveted elderberry bush very closely!). On my latest walk, I found… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Do You Meditate?

This is the question a friend asked me out of the blue. ‘Do you meditate?’ Left me speechless for a minute because I had to think about what exactly she meant by ‘meditation’.… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Appealing Peel or Not?

I experimented with banana peels this week. There were a few more than overripe bananas left over, and I thought they might give a nice tone and pattern. I spread out the silk,… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Bark it up 2

A while back, I shared my first adventure with bark dyeing. Preparing this particular dye is very tedious. The bark should preferably be free of any critters and soil, and has to be… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Venerated Pieces

Please tell me I am not the only one who hoards saves special pieces of fabric, beads, findings, etc. for ‘the perfect project’. I have two things in particular that I cannot bring… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Bobs and Bits

When I look at an object, I see an alternate use for or interpretation of it more often than not. A rusty piece of a broken park bench I see while on a… Continue reading

FRIDAY FACETS – Camille Claudel

After a visit to the  Musee Rodin in Paris,  I was – and still am – not sure whom I admire more: Auguste Rodin or his companion Camille Claudel. Rodin’s sculptures capture me… Continue reading

My Brother

It’s about time to honor my brother, Peter, who is the one single person in my life who would literally and figuratively kill for me. No questions asked. (I’ll overlook the time he… Continue reading