MONDAY MOOD BOARD – loyalty and friendship

In the past few days, I had a very encouraging experience of friendship and loyalty. Somebody had been ‘cyber attacked’ and was very upset and hurt about it. Within minutes, the whole group pulled together to come up with an idea that turned a negative into a positive, giving it an almost comical spin.

Celebrating friendship and loyalty today – thank you my friends, in cyber space and real life, for putting up with my quirks, for all the advice, encouragement, support, and help you have ever offered, for all the laughs shared and all the spices, toilet paper, dishes, books, and tools you have let me borrow! Not to forget the jump-starting of my car and the emergency-delivery of gasoline when I was stuck on the highway with an empty gas tank…

Bonnie Boon: Friendship bracelet

Mirthquake: My best Friends booklet

HeartshapedCreations: Stand by me

KalliasWonderland:Friendship Necklace