This week’s theme of the European Street Team challenge was ‘Self Portrait’. Dawn of LaTouchables came up with this wonderful theme, please admire all entries on her blog.

My entry is a silk painting inspired my one of my favorite artists, Friedensreich Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser. I highly respect him as a human being as well as an artist, architect, ecologist, and pacifist, amongst others…

Many of the things I feel passionate about are included in this painting; things that I cannot imagine not being in my life; things that make me happy; things that make me feel protective…

Hair flows like ocean waves to the left side, interwoven with sea shells, sea weed and fish. This represents my passion for the ocean and the beach, which inspire many of my jewelry designs.

To the right, the hair turns into a twisting tree with bright flowers and leaves. The biggest branch transforms into the body of a snail that carries a rainbow as her house. A book in the very right corner stands for my love of literature.

The bird in the middle with it’s peacock-like tail is a subtle hint at the part of my maiden name that means ‘peacock’ in German.

A butterfly perched on the snail’s rainbow house, together with all the other animals, represent my love and respect for all animals. You will also find some snowflakes, which enchant me with their elegance, gracefulness, and uniqueness… and which I curse if there are too many to shovel ๐Ÿ˜‰

My passion for color cannot be overlooked in this painting, as I probably used every shade of silk paint I own – most of them custom-mixed by Roman Perkaus, owner of ‘Perkaus der Seidenmaler‘ in Vienna, Austria.

Well, now you have seen the ‘real’ me – colorful, eclectic, easily enchanted, jumping from one interest to the other – thanks, my friends, for being my friends nevertheless ;))