I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!

I really miss organizing the traditional Easter egg hunt with my friend Teresa, who is my neighbour in the US. Our children are about the same age, she has two girls, I have two boys, and they get along fabulously. In fact, they grew up together and have a very special kind of relationship that they managed to keep alive although we moved a continent away.

Teresa and I had a brainstorming session with the Easter Bunny every year,  and the three of us came up with interesting ways to make the hunt fun – which became a greater challenge every year! But the Easter Bunny is a clever furry guy, so we think our four kids enjoyed each Easter Sunday, running through our two adjoining gardens that are not divided by a fence, trying to get to the goodies before the squirrels did, and filling their baskets with eggs, chocolates, and other sweets.

And we moms also had a wonderful time, helping the Easter Bunny, watching the children, and sharing one of those special moments that will always stay with us!

So, this mosaic is for Gianna, Olivia, Teresa, and her husband Paul: the Easter Bunny finds us here in France, but s/he misses the gleeful sounds of 4 happy children running through 2 gardens in Melrose, MA!!

CasadiAries         –          meltemsem

sabahnur         –            artmind