It’s that time of the year again!!

Who does not like gingerbread? The delicious smell, the soft chewiness with just a hint of crunch, the flavor of Christmas spices – who can resist?

I am somewhat addicted to building Gingerbread Mansions and creating Gingerbread People and Stars. It started with a Martha Stewart article I read years ago. She gave the old traditional gingerbread house with white icing and predictable decorations an elegant twist. Of course, my creations are in no way MS-worthy, but they are not your everyday boring gingerbread houses or gingerbread people, either!

I’ll share the process with you:

It all begins with this:

raw ginger bread dough

and then the magic begins:

lots of different candy

Jolly Ranchers (or any other hard candy) for stained glass windows
Sanding sugar on the still-wet icing gives an icy look
these are the stencils I use for the large size house
fresh out of the oven, with the candy melted in the windows
big batch of royal icing (beaten egg whites, powdered sugar, and lemon juice)
icing can be tinted any color – here it is in pink…
…and here in turquoise!
I drew the first designs on with icing, now they need to be covered with sanding sugar as long as it is still wet
…there you go!!
gently brushing off the extra sugar…
icing on the sides is dry, and the house is assembled and ready to be decorated!

...another purple version...

I never make a design twice, imagination just takes over!!

…here are some people…
…and stars…
…and more stars!
…and they also make great ornaments or edible gift tags!

Creating these edible beauties gives me a lot of joy! The best part is when I get to custom design a house for a special person – getting the style and color and decorations just right for him or her! Love it!!

Try it with your kids, you will have lots of fun!!