The French are  very proud of their language – and rightfully so, because French is enchanting and poetic and full of hidden meaning.

One of the favorite pastimes of French native speakers is to correct and debate the correct usage of French grammar. This goes as far as annihilating any incorrect application thereof. If you are invited to dinner by a French host, the discussion will inevitably turn – sooner or later – to one’s dispicable usage of the French language. Mostly in a very heated, albeit grammatically correct, manner…

While this is acceptable and stimulating in a more or less private or academic setting, I just think that the application of said knowledge should be kept private. Or professional.

But no! The French language has to be preserved and presented as pure and error-less. And what better way to do that as to – correct labels at public museums!!!


If I had stumbled upon just one of these corrections, I wouldn’t have put a second thought into it. But due to my neurotic search for idiosyncrases, I noticed this phenomenon in almost every single museum I have visited.

O.K., let’s work on our grammar skills and try not to be featured in such an embarrassing way!!