I have been invited to a Chinese New Year’s party at my friend Nadine’s house. Not only is her house stunning – an old, French building (could have been a barn…) with original wooden beamed ceilings and stone walls with characteristic inlays, and an intriguing indoor fountain/well. It is not functional, but they put a clear plexi sheet over it and decorated it with an amazing array of little figurines and artifacts. Speaking about artifacts: the house hosts a stunning collection of Chinese figurines and statues!

The food was outstanding! Nadine has spent almost two entire days in the kitchen, preparing dishes traditionally served on New Year’s: noodles for longevity, eggs for fertility, fish for prosperity, duck for fidelity, chicken for a good marriage and coming together of families,  red colored meat skewers for happiness, and fruit for luck, wealth, and abundance. She even went through the trouble of preparing a tofu dish for me, knowing that I don’t eat any meat. My favorite probably was the marinated lotus root…a mixture of beauty and flavor!

So, today’s Mood Board is a big Thank You to Nadine, and the wonderful evening I spent at her house!

EuropeForCharity: Bright Red Chinese Silk Small Pouch

LazyFish: The Red and Gold Door Photo Print

ShebboDesign: Spring Sprays on Vase

Fleurfatale: Lotus Love Earrings


Merci, ma chere!!