MONDAY MOOD BOARD – where are sub-zero temperatures when you need them?

There is a fascinating method of dyeing fabric that I am dying to try: ice-dyeing! It involves dipping silk (in my case) into water, crinkling it up into an interesting shape, and leaving it outside to freeze. Then colors are dropped onto the frozen silk, which supposedly creates very interesting, cloud like, soft, unpredictable patterns.

For weeks now, I am trying to do this. Religiously, I put the silk outside in the evening when the weather forecast predicts sub-zero temperatures, hoping it will freeze overnight. And every morning the same disappointment: no frozen silk!

My freezer is too small to put it in there, so I think I will make a trip to Auchan (one of the local supermarkets) and beg the people at the fresh fish counter to give me a bag or two of the ice they use to keep the fish fresh. Unused, of course 😉

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of this:

The Garnet Felted Scarf – donated by Inger Maaike to the EuropeForCharity shop

Still Alive by MatkirschPhoto

The Wicked Snowman by matchstickgirl

Berries on the Snow White Organza Flowers by milkysupplies


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