MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Happy Persian New Year

The first day of spring also marks Persian New Year, one of my favorite celebrations!

Lavender Hyacinth by bialakura

Green Apple Earrings by lovelytrifles

Keep Going Like a Koi – Fine Art Print by Zenzphotography

Felted Green Egg with Flowers by astashtoy



A few days before New Year, Persian families set up a table covered with a traditional cloth, called ‘Sofreh-e Haft Sin’ (cloth of seven dishes). Seven items starting with the letter ‘S’ in Farsi are arranged on it, each having a special meaning.

‘Sabzi’ sprouts representing rebirth

‘Samanu’ wheat sprout pudding representing the sophistication of Persian cooking

‘Seeb’ apple for health and beauty

‘Senjed’ dried fruit of the lotus tree representing love. The fragrance of lotus flowers and the fruit are said to make people fall in love and become oblivious to all else.

‘Seer’ garlic representing medicine

‘Somaq’ sumac berries representing the color of sunrise

‘Serkeh’ vinegar representing age and patience

Other elements and symbols are also included, e.g.

coins for prosperity and wealth

painted eggs representing fertility

an orange floating in a bowl of water representing the earth suspended in space

a goldfish representing life

rosewater for it’s magical cleansing power

a mirror to represent images and reflections of creation

one burning candle for each child in the family representing enlightenment and happiness

flowering hyacinth

The celebration actually starts the Wednesday before New Year, and it ends on the thirteenth day after. You will find pictures and wonderful descriptions here.

Nowrouz pirouz – Wishing you a prosperous New Year!