MONDAY MOOD BOARD – You Can Teach an Old Dog a New Trick

I have always driven cars with automatic transmission. Stick-shift was a mystery to me that I didn’t care to uncover. There is too much coordination involved and things to push and shift and press.

My car is in the garage for over a month now. Here in France, automatic cars are not very common, even frowned upon. So I had to take the plunge and learn how to drive a manuell transmission.

Fortunately, I have very patient friends. I am not quite sure if they knew what they were getting themselves into when they agreed to teach me, but they succeeded! There were only a few frantic clutches to brace themselves, one sort-of emergency incident where the handbrake had to be pulled by my friend, and nobody lost their lunch during all the bucking and jerking…

Of course there is a certain neighborhood in St. Genis Laval where I cannot ever again show my face. This is where I learned how to stop on an incline. Let’s just say there was a lot of grinding noise and engine revving and burnt-rubber smell…

Thanks to my friends, this old dog did learn a new trick, and I am very grateful to them! As a matter of fact, I kind of enjoy driving a stick shift now!

The Boss by trotalo

Thank You – Greeting Card by artmind

Thanks – set of 15 matchbook notepad by verityunmondoaparte

Knitted Light Blue Dog Cowl by mailo