MONDAY MOOD BOARD – She was a Lady

The mother of one of my best friends, whom I think of as my second brother, passed last week. She was a wonderful person. Although she had to face a stroke, the loss of her beloved husband, the untimely death of her younger daughter due to the cruel disease ASL, and her own grave medical issues within just a few years, she always kept her grace. Every time I met her, she was meticulously dressed, her hair and make-up perfectly in place, nails done – a picture of poise and beauty. She was always composed, took joy in her grandchildren, and had an infectious laugh with that certain twinkle in her eyes…


Portrait of a Lady – by rodistudio

My Darling – by slinkycat

Secret Society No 20 – by eleanors

Mysterious Victorian Lady Brooch – by ALittleDotty



Always remembering you as the perfect lady, Marie!

May you rest in peace