Or will I???

Public urination seems to be a way of life here in France. It puzzles me to this day, after having lived almost 4 years in this country. How desperately does one have to go to just park their car on the side of the street – any street, and often haphazardly – and pee? There are plenty of restaurants, coffee houses, bars, gas station rest rooms…why the wall to somebodies house or the bush in the park or the traffic sign on the street or a random surface along a highway?

(This is a stock photo curtesy of google images, by the way, because I didn’t have the balls (pun intended) to take a photo of an offender in action)

Today alone, I had three (3) encounters. One construction worker relieving himself on a fence (my friend Ann is witness to this one), one guy preparing a barbecue with his friends on the recreational area behind our house (peed against a lovely tree I will make sure to avoid in the future), and the most puzzling one: dude stopped his car at a red light in the middle of Lyon (as he should, have to give him points for that one!), got out dressed only in his underpants (tighty-withies to boot!), and peed against a random barrier near the construction site of the new Musee de Confluence. I don’t even want to wrap my head around the question why he was driving a car dressed only in underpants – it was 18:00, mind you!

Anybody who can shed a light on this phenomenon is very welcome to leave an enlightening comment – I just don’t get it!