MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Stay Warm, Alternatively!

Temperatures are dropping, it’s time to get out the winter clothes and warm boots – or go shopping for them!

How about rethinking materials this season? It takes a little bit more time to find materials that are not animal-derived, but they keep you warm just the same. Wearing cruelty-free clothes and accessories became easier, and there is a wide array of fabrics: bamboo, linen, cotton, faux suede, faux fur, fleece, and freedom silk (where the silk worms are allowed to finish their life-cycle and are not drowned in their cocoon to make silk harvesting easier) are just a few examples.

Synthetic boots don’t have to be waterproofed, and who cares if a faux suede coat gets wet in rain or snow – there will be no watermarks!

And you don’t have to compromise your style, either!



Black Cotton Coat with Patchwork by IJcreations

Striped Arm Warmers in Bamboo Blend by Morrgan

Linen Scarf/Wrap/Shawl by BVLifeStyle

Black and Green Wrapsroundskirt in Cotton Satin by subrosa123

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