MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Language is Art

I love looking at the EST Mood Boards every Monday (well, almost every Monday…). Interesting topics, beautiful artwork and composition, inspiring little stories that go with them – it’s like a weekly trip across borders and cultures and languages.

One of the things I get a kick out of every Monday is the fact that I am commenting on blogs that are written in two languages and prompt me in Greek, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish – you name it!

I also find it interesting how those strange ‘confirmation words’ (or whatever they are called) are like made-up words in the language of the blog owner. You would never find ‘frounged’ on a Lithuanian blog, or ‘hiryimaskz’ on a German one.

Language is art, and there are many different ways to express it:


Sacred text of Sagrada Familia by MariaSiyanko

Love Postcard – Say it in sLOVEnian by avgustvarjanja

Surprise in Dutch – by MagpiesShop

Le Meilleur est Encore a Venir – by dindi


To take a trip through Europe yourself, visit Esther and Estella’s blog, who collect all the entries