There it was, right in front of my house: the Dead End! I can’t believe this, it was perfectly fine when I left this morning. And now…

I mean, there were signs. All over the neighbourhood, actually:

There is a petition in town to end road work. Do you have any idea what roads have to put up with? They are expected to be open 24/7, no breaks, always smooth for customers.

And then there is the public mocking. Every single little flaw is pointed out on huge reflective signs, for everybody to see:

How humiliating is this? Actually, it is harrassment and discrimination. If a person had to have a sign on his office door warning people of his low shoulder, there would be a huge law suit!

Then there are the bamboozling signs that confuse drivers, who blame the roads for these strange warnings:

But I think what really triggered this tragedy is the following:

The little road leading to our house took all its responsibilities very seriously and was proud to live up to drivers’ expectations. But this particular assignment was impossible for it to fulfill. After all, it was a

and could not possibly watch over the children in a responsible manner.

So the already stressed Blind Driveway saw no other way out than to kill itself.

I will remember it fondly every time I look at the Dead End sign.