VIENNESE ON WEDNESDAY – heit hods an fodn

I am Viennese by birth. I love the Viennese dialect and its quirkiness. Usually I speak ‘proper’ German. When I fall into strong Hernalser dialect (Hernals is the 17th district of Vienna where I grew up), my family knows to get out of my way because it means I am very angry – or  commenting on the ‘skills’ of other drivers, which is basically the same 😉

My husband is Iranian and we live in the US, so although we speak German at home, our children don’t speak proper Viennese. I tried to teach them, trust me! But somehow their tongues and throats cannot produce certain sounds necessary for the Viennese dialect.

I miss hearing and speaking Viennese here in Boston, so I decided to teach you my favorite ‘language’.


Heit hods an fodn (heɪd hods ɑ:n fohdn)

also: Heit hods an zopfn (heɪd hods ɑ:n dsobfn)

High German equivalent: Heute hat es einen Faden – Heute hat es einen Zapfen

(Don’t bother to google translate it, though, it’ll just be weird)

Translation: Heute ist es sehr kalt (it is very cold today)

Seavas und baba!