I can’t remember the last time I came home from a walk in the woods or on the beach without bringing some enchanting piece of nature with me. There are jars of sea shells and beach glass and sand from at least 6 countries; dried mushrooms; pieces of drift wood in every imaginable size, color, and shape; large pieces of sea-washed marble from Italy; amazing yellow rocks from France; entire tree branches covered with interesting moss or fungi; dried seed pods with intriguing structures; even bird feathers, ranging from Macaw to Seagull to Flamingo to I-don’t-know-what-it-is-but-it’s-beautiful. Had a heated argument with a gentleman last fall because he thought I am completely out of my mind to cut some Wild Sumac – he insisted it is highly poisonous, I insisted it is georgeous and needs to be displayed in my breakfast room.

Spring is near, and this always makes me want to change things around and redecorate. I have found some very interesting projects on Pinterest involving tree branches, drift wood, and sea glass. Will start to day, wish me luck!

And of course there is always inspiration from the European Street Team:

Authentic Baltic Sea Glass by alatsupplies

Drift Wood Pendant by StarofSupplies

United – Fine Art Photography by DailyReflections

Pebble Ear Studs by LAccentNou

For finding inspiration from other members of the European Street Team, please visit Star of the East’s blog!