You Want Three Bucks For That? Seriously?

Let me start out by saying that English is not my first language. The English I learned at school has little to do with the actual spoken language. There are colloquialism, slang, jargon, and dialect. Neither one is being taught at any Grade School I know. So when I first moved to the US I ran into quite a few interesting situations regarding linguistic ambiguity.

Metonymy can be bamboozling and entertaining. After 20 years in this country, my grasp of the English language is tight enough (see what I did there?) that I am not bamboozled too often any more. I do, however, get endless joy out of taking every-day phrases and interpreting them literally.

Which brings us to the bucks.

Every time I hear a commercial on the radio advertising ‘only 10 bucks to join’ or see a sign that reads ‘Sandwich Special: Only 3 Bucks!’ I have to ask myself: ‘Is this what they had in mind?’

If I were able to round up three bucks and drag them into the establishment, would they have to honor them as payment? I would love to see the face of the manager…

Another favorite of mine is ‘Books under three bucks’. Why would one put books under wildlife? And sorry, there is no image of that!

I just know what the buck would say to this plan: