The Hands of Hand-Made

‘Hand-Made’ means different things for different people.

For me, it is a piece of art that has been designed, maybe researched, definitely created and promoted by one individual artist.

Artists can be found among very different genres, and tastes differ immensely.

But the one thing all artists have in common is the fact that they create with their own hands.  No assistance, no subcontracting.

The online market place ‘etsy’ that started as a showcase for handmade art has lately been taking a wildly debated detour towards mass-manufactured, resold items without artistic value at all.

I want to show you what hands look like that create art. They are not pretty. They are not manicured. They are not smooth or flawless. We carry the scars of our art with pride, may they be burns from soldering irons or acid or scolding wax, may they be discolorations from many different kinds of dye and paint, may they be scars from needles or wood or metals – you add your source!

These are my hands after preparing a dye bath of harvested berries

I am proud of my hands. They create things that are unique. They hurt sometimes, and a coat of nail polish lasts an average of 10 hours. But my hands create pieces of art that last much longer than that. And that’s what counts. For me, at least.

Please take a few seconds of your time and look at all those hands that create art

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If you want to add a photo of your flawed artistic hands, please do so via comments – I would love to see them!