MONDAY MOOD BOARD – No Refrigeration? No Exasperation!

Our refrigerator broke about 5 weeks ago. Not that we are having a heat wave or anything *eye roll*. These things always happen according to Murphy’s Law at the least opportune of times.

Why, you ask, does it take 5 weeks to get a new fridge? We live in a Victorian, and the kitchen only has one spot where a fridge will fit. The space is not large enough for most models, there is a radiator 2 feet in front and the corner of the stove 3 feet away at an angle opposite of it (which makes the way the doors open an issue), and we don’t want to spend a fortune. We finally found a model and had it delivered, only to find out that the floor is not level (which we didn’t take into consideration when measuring) and it didn’t fit by 1/4 of an inch. So we had to search for another model, which had a 2-week delivery time.

I digress.

What at first seemed like a disaster – how can we live without fridge? – turned into quite an interesting experiment. Our lovely neighbours took foster care of the few frozen items and dairy products. These really need cooling. But everything else?

I am vegetarian and my husband and son don’t eat meat too often. So this was not an issue. If they wanted meat, it was bought right before dinner was cooked.

Fruit, onions, potatoes, garlic, lemons, and eggs I never keep in the fridge anyway. And the rest of the vegetables now just sat decoratively on the counter. Milk for my son’s breakfast cereal I bought in portion sized containers that can be stored in the pantry. Cheese keeps for a bit at room temperature. It was actually surprising that we didn’t miss the fridge as much as we thought we would. The only things that were missed were ice cubes and cold drinks. Oh, and we found out that watermelon doesn’t keep too well if not cooled – turns into a vinegary mess!

I had to go to the market and store more often than I like, and I had to down-size my cooking (for some reason I always end up with enough food for a family of 10), but all in all it was not as exasperating as expected!

Here are some products that make refrigerator-free living easier:

kitchen storage

Kitchen Storage Basket by lalunadianna

Rustic Polish Sandstone Bowl by FrenchAtticFinds

Coiled Basket Bowl by SquareCircleWorks

Fruit Platter by SirliMosaic

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