MONDAY MOOD BOARD: Mushrooms Mushrooms Mushrooms

It’s that time of the year again when they pop up every where like – well, mushrooms! I wish I had paid more attention as a kid when my brother and I went mushroom picking with our grandfather in the Viennese Woods. Unfortunately, we were too busy picking berries and rifling through leaves and chasing squirrels and wreaking general mayhem instead of learning which mushrooms are edible and which are not.

I met a mushroom hunter on one of my daily walks in the wood with my dog. The man was carrying a huge bag filled with mushrooms and eyed me suspiciously when I asked him about his finds. He did show me one single one. Reluctantly. And gave the following answer to my question if he is sure they are edible: ‘We’ll see!’, in a thick Italian accent (yes, you can put a lot of accent into those two and a half words!).

Should have known not to interrogate a successful mushroom hunter: their harvesting places are secret, not even divulged to family members. But his secret is safe with me!

Here are some fungal beauties that are safe to share:

Monday Mood Board Mushrooms

Felt Mushroom Cluster by astashtoy

Mushroom Photograph by alekaki

Tiny Mushroom Fine Art Print by GreyTabbyCat

Mushrooms – Needle Felted Miniature by felttess

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