MONDAY MOOD BOARD – Pumpkin Madness

New Englanders love their pumpkins! The moment October rolls around, everything but the kitchen sink seems to be pumpkin flavored.

Here is a lists of what I have seen so far: coffee (‘pumpkin espresso flavored latte’ being the extreme in this category), coffee cake, muffins, pies, chocolate, bread, ice cream, pudding, martinis (yeah, I know!), dog biscuits, potato chips, beer, salsa, vodka, gumballs, pasta – I am sure I forgot a few things! There is even a Facebook Page called Pumpkin Flavored Everything!

This trend will probably last another few weeks. Then everything will be peppermint flavored!


Felted Pumpkin Brooch by galaflic

Amigurumi Crocheted Pumpkin by sabahnur

Pumpkin Fascinator by ModaMakovera

Pumpkin Figurine by Sielukka

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