This week, I want to share some intriguing wall art I have found in various places.

underpass in London. It is used by skate boarders

same underpass, different graffiti

tacked to another underpass in London

that face grips me for some reason


part of a fence in Cambridge, MA. This house has an interesting story, I should write about it in a separate post

the famous Fresque des Lyonnaise in Lyon, France. It is a mural of historic and contemporary Lyonnaise characters. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Louise Rabe, Roman Emperor Claude, Marcel Merieux, and Andre-Marie Ampere are among the 30 characters.

And what would a Lyonnaise mural be without her culinary king, Paul Bocuse!

creative wall art in St. Genis-Laval


and last but not least a cleverly disguised utility box in L’Isle d’Abeau

Thanks for coming on this short trip with me!

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