WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – Boston, You’re My Home

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I am not a born and bred Bostonian. And I live in the suburbs. But I love Boston. Moved here 2 decades ago. I consider it one of my homes. Boston is probably the one city in the US that is the most European. It is full of historic sites and buildings and beautiful architecture.

And my Viennese accent is very close to the Bostonian. Both omit the ‘r’ at all cost. Can you say ‘Ahnold’??

(ok, Arnold is from Styria, you got me again. But you get the gist…)

Destroying a historic area and violating an event that has so much meaning to Boston, Massachusetts, the entire world, is unspeakable. To take and destroy so many lives is unforgivable.

Here is my tribute to Boston, my home of choice:

You are a beauty. Your people are strong. And there will be recovery.

Love you, Boston!

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