FRIDAY FACETS – Handmade Lace

Yesterday, I was at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston for the event ‘Gardner After Hours’.

Boston Handmade  had arranged for a special discount since the emphasis on this evening was on handmade.

ProgramThe event that fascinated me most was a demonstration of handmade lace. Katherine Traylor, who presented this demonstration, is a young woman who learned the art of creating lace in Spain.

This beautiful piece of lace, approximately 10 cm long, takes 10 hours to finish

Katherine demonstrating the method. Approximately 50 bobbins are used for this particular pattern

Trying my best here to lace part of a spider pattern…

did it, apparently with Katherine’s approval!

Here are Katherine’s hands, moving the bobbins in seeming ease, making the intricate pattern grow

What amazed me watching her were mainly two things:

Her dexterity (I would probably have messed those 50 bobbins up after 10 minutes and knotted them in a hopeless clump)

The fact that a young woman learns and has such joy in  an old-fashioned craft

I asked her if she sells her lace. The answer was ‘No. I just create it and give it to friends. Making lace relaxes me and is a stress relief for me.’

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