My Brother

It’s about time to honor my brother, Peter, who is the one single person in my life who would literally and figuratively kill for me. No questions asked.

(I’ll overlook the time he chased me with a knife when he was about 5)

Never questioned. Never judged. Never asked for anything. Always supported. Always accepted. Always carried more than his share. Always accepted my choice of life partners. Always loved me and my sons.

I do not remember a single time he would question or chastise my choices – except that I am living too far from him and his daughter!

His life is so much more difficult than mine. But he always has my back. Always.

Peter went through a terrible period in his life last year. Very traumatic. Life changing. He never blamed me for not being there for him in person (living on different continents). He never questioned why I am not supporting him more.

He is my younger brother. I should be the one looking out for him and protecting him and supporting him.

But he is the one who does all those things for me.

I am very lucky to have Peter for a brother.

If you are fighting with your sibling right now – don’t! They are the only people who will always stick with you. Thick or thin. Because they are part of you and always will be.

Love you, little brother!

Bussi, Lieblingsbruederlein! Ich kann wahrscheinlich niemals fuer Dich da sein wie Du immer fuer mich da bist.

I am very proud to be your sister.

Ich bin absolut stolz Deine Schwester zu sein – koennte mir keinen besseren Bruder wuenschen!