FRIDAY FACETS – Bobs and Bits

When I look at an object, I see an alternate use for or interpretation of it more often than not.

A rusty piece of a broken park bench I see while on a walk with my dog? That comes home with me, because it would make an outstanding pattern during rust dyeing. As would the lot of rusty nails in the garage.

Rusty thing


The plastic nets they put over wine bottles so they dont break? I hoard them, because they are the perfect size to hold a piece of silk during dyeing, and they make interesting patterns, too


An interestingly shaped branch becomes a curtain rod.

Sea shells can be used as candle holders or to serve appetizers.

I recently helped setting up the School Auction at my son’s school. The organizers needed a few jewelry display stands and were about to go out and buy them. But just a quick trip around the school helped me find a bunch of loose black wool fibers, which twisted together made the perfect display for a silver ring, and a few clear cylindrical vases, which turned upside down showed off bracelets.

Beach rocks with large holes in them become candle or brush holders.

Laboratory glassware turns into vases.

That oddly shaped bowl I made in pottery class is now a flower pot.

A vintage glass flower frog holds my eye liners and lip gloss.

Empty mint tins now are filled with rubber bands, USB sticks, stick pins, and other small odds and ends.

And of course there is the silly cast iron pig head I fell in love with at a flea market. It is a towel holder, but now it carries some of my kitchen utensils


Just look at an object from a different angle, and you will find so many more uses for it than the one it was supposed to serve.

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