Hickory Nuts Dye – Part 2

Dyeing with plant material is always such an adventure, especially when finding a new intriguing fruit or flower. I found these the other day on a walk in the woods and finally classified them as hickory nuts.

I chopped them up and put them in a pot of water to soak for 3 days

This is what the exhausted hickories and the dye liquor looked like after the soak

I had a pillow cover dyed with turmeric that I meant to stamp with antique fabric stamps dipped in discharge paste, but I thought it might look striking over dyed with hickory. The second piece is a square scarf that had been shibori tied with various techniques.

After I boiled up the dye and let it simmer for an hour, I added the two pieces, let it simmer for another hour, and then soak overnight. On the right, you can see what they looked like coming out of the dye bath

Now came the tedious part of untying and removing rubber bands and pebbles. A good rinse with mild organic detergent and a trip to the ironing board, and this was the result:

I love the way the came out. A very warm, golden, cinnamon brown. And I think it complements the turmeric yellow very well.