Pickled Silk

This post is inspired by one of my favorite fiber artists, India Flint. Her unique approaches to dyeing with anything found in nature is very inspiring, and her fabrics are breathtaking.

If you are located in the Boston area and want to see her work in person, visit Gilda’s Boutique in Newton, MA. India’s work is showcased there.

One of her methods brings together ecoprint bundling with food preservation techniques. Stuff, Steep and Store collects virtual jars from around the world, containing plant material bundled in fabric, soaking in dye solutions.

So, here it is: my version of ‘stuff, steep, and store’.

The first jar contains avocado pits and skins as well as onion skins wrapped in a square silk scarf. The dye liquid is a delicious blueberry reduction.


The second jar contains carrot peels, flower petals, orange peels, and spinach wrapped and tied into an oblong silk scarf.


Now only to be patient!