about my menu

I have noticed that this blog is getting kind of out of control.

Initially, I intended to use it as a promotional tool for my online store only. But it kind of snowballed into a collection of photos and interesting links and things I want to share that have nothing to do with enchantedhue.

So I was all set to open a second blog for non-business related topics. My online-friends, however, adviced me that people like to read about a blog owner as a whole. What they like, do, eat, make, sell, hate, read, ‘insert verb of choice’. This actually catered to my lazy side, the one that doesn’t really like all the promoting and pimping and keeping up with stuff and such.

Instead of opening a second blog, I decided to make this one more streamlined and organized as well as an unorganized person like me can get.

There are several menu topics now that I want to explain:



is the German word for craft, handmade arts, handiwork.

In here, you will find artists of http://www.etsy.com who have caught my attention, as well as promotional posts about my own store and these of the European Street Team on etsy.



will bring you whatever caught my fancy looking through that view finder of my camera, as well as some advice on photo editing



will bring you excerpts of my own dilletante approaches as well as samples of established authors.



is the German word for reading/reading matter/recommended reading. I will share favorite books and articles that I found interesting.



is the French word encompassing weirdness/interest/curiousness/oddness.

I always have things happen to me that are just plain odd, and I tend to notice idiosyncrases and take pleasure in pointing out  events and facts that can be interpreted in a way they were not intended.



is the French word encompassing anything connected to the kitchen: cooking, baking, recipes – and I’ll throw in table decorations and party planning, too!!


Thank you for visiting, I hope you find something you enjoy!!