about me

My name is Susanne. Each member of our family has been born in a different country, even on a different continent: I am Austrian, my husband is Iranian, and our children were born near Boston, Massachusetts. We currently live near Lyon, France.

This makes for a very colorful life with countless surprises and wonderful impressions – and of course lots of puzzling incidents! We have learned to see beauty in the most unlikely of  places, to find a place of familiarity and comfort in different cultures, and to adopt parts of life styles, celebrations, food, ways of thinking, music, and humor from each other’s families and friends.

I have always had a passion for color, texture, raw objects found in nature. May it be a handful of pink sand from the beaches of Bermuda, a perfect sanddollar found on Cape Cod, a smooth chestnut just fallen from a tree in the Viennese Woods, or an awe-inspiring piece of lava from the Auvergne – they all hold the same fascination for me. I want to collect them all – and to my husband, who finds bags of seashells and containers of  seasand in bathroom cabinets, it seems like I do! 

At the moment, creating jewelery from semiprecious stones, sterling or Karen Hill Tribe silver, or copper is my fascination. The design of a necklace often stems from the memory of a place I love (many are Cape Cod inspired!), or it is influenced by the mood I am in, or simply by the joy of combining different colors and textures.

Among the arts I have learned are painting on silk, stained glass, and pottery (I prefer slab built over the smooth perfection of the turn table), and on my ‘want-to-learn-list’ is glass fusing and wood working…